spinning moon

The new collection of lights, Spinning Moons’, take a step forward.

Narrative comes to play.

The architect uses the traditional, well-known techniques of glassblowing and mosaic floorings.

The light comes alike full moon from a sphere of opal, hand-blown glass. The basis is a cone made in the tradition of mosaic floorings, a technique frequently seen in old greek, neoclassical and modern houses. Handmade through a casting progress, that uses a variety of stones and glasses arranged in a way that reminds the shinny, smooth touch of a sea pebble. Despite its weight the cone can swivel like a big spinning top, a toy from the past.

It is a play of geometry and materials. A swivel of earth and air.

Spinning Moons’ come in various sizes and weights.

d:26 h:50/7,00kg, d:40 h:76/35,00kg, d:60 h:200/55,00kg


Photos: Elias Handelis