CHOMA Villas, Andros


The project is about three underground residences  in a plot of 5.142sqm.

They are designed for indoor and outdoor living. The south-west facade is wide open to the view while big shafts in the back of the buildings, shaped like small gardens, allow the air-circulation and provide an open feeling to the interior.

In the front facade a narrow corridor with sliding claustras offers privacy, protection from the direct sunlight and serves as an in-between space for the air to become more pleasant before entering during summer. These metal and wood claustras form different versions of the facade during the day and the season.

Entering through a staircase in the back to the first residence or through an elevator in the second house, one can find himself overlooking the view to the seα through the glass-facade of each residence. Cement walls, floor and ceiling serve to the rough feeling of the interior of the earth, as entering a cave.

The aluminum windows slide to provide as bigger views as possible.

The form of the linear pools refers to the traditional “cisternes” used for collecting water. It is a landmark in the region as well as the round “aloni”, used for processing wheat at the old times. Now it forms an outdoor sitting space.

Each house is completely covered by soil and plants of the local fauna. A small cistern marks the entrance of each house, where an underground water tank is built to keep water for the use of the buildings.