Ouranos Apartments

The project refers to a residence, built between 1920 and 1955 in the area of Lycabetous Hill, in Athens.

The old building, which was partly built of stone-walls, had to be fully renovated and a floor was added in order to become a four apartment building.

The intention from the start was to maintain the facades and the characteristic parts of the building and connect the building stages from the 20’s, 50’s with the contemporary way of building.

The ‘body’ of the construction was reinforced with gunite and a metal construction was added on the top to add a loft.

The color was decided carefully to distinguish the different construction stages.

Old metal details in the balconies are kept as they are in order to make a dialog with more contemporary forms of the new metal details. The protruding balconies of the last floor faint to smaller, protruding elements. The claustras in the lower levels around the old windows hide the air-condition units in a delicate way.


Architect: Mari Goga

Civil Engineer: Gerasimos Loukeris

Interior Design: Mari Goga, Ron Locker

Construction: Mari Goga, Gerasimos Loukeris


Photos:Babis Louizidis