Mari Goga holds a degree in Architecture from NTUA as well as a degree in German Literature from University of Athens.

She is having her own practice in Athens, Greece, since 1999 and has handled the conception and realization of various architectural projects of different scales.

Plain geometry, interactivity with urban as well as natural surrounding and the importance of materiality stand in the core of her work. The love for materials and a careful way in choosing and treating them, the joins between them and how one passes to another one.

This evolving architectural vocabulary is characterized by this research combining the natural and the industrial in a personal, eclectic blend.

Next to her architectural work stand ‘Objects’. Her small scale creations are made with an architectural way of sensing and working on materials and her passion for detail and craftmanship. She has often used existing forms or found materials in the tradition of ‘objets  trouves’ but with a clear intention of being used in a considered and functional manner.