House in Corinth, Greece (2016)




buy Cialis Soft USA This house is a summer residence for a young couple who required a spacious and uncluttered setting. It is located on a steep hillside by the main road of a small village overlooking olive groves and vineyards.
I opted to separate the indoor spaces into three main volumes in order to lessen the overall visual impact of the house and give a clear indication of its inner structure. This strategy allows for all spaces to have varied openings and it also creates free-flowing circulation which brings the outdoor terraces and the indoor spaces into dialogue.
All volumes are at different levels which correspond to the natural slope of the terrain giving the house a strong footing in the landscape but also creating intricate spatial conditions on the inside.
Materiality is limited to concrete, wood and metal while the outer surfaces are rendered with a thick coat of beige plaster (similar to clay) which gives the house a strong yet playful quality especially when perceived against the background of trees, ground and passing clouds.


landscape architect: Eva Papadimitriou

photos: Elias Handelis